Cycle Journal: June-July 2017

CD 1: June 12, 2017:  Today, is my first day of red flow for this cycle.  According to the ovia app my last cycle was 29 days.  Normally, on the first day of my cycle I have a heavy, red flow; back pains, and cramping.  I also only use pads, I have never been comfortable with tampons.  Today, I have not even bothered with a pad since I only have bleeding when I use the bathroom.  I’ve also started checking my cervix position…or what I believe it to be…and it appears to be high up with red/brown mucus-y blood on finger.

Symptoms: dull low backache; irritated; sad

Temp: 98.3

Cervix Position: High Firm

 CD 2-5: Basic red flow.  Had some mild cramping and lower backaches.  Nothing serious nor did I need to take any pain relievers.  

CD 6: I would consider this the end of my period this cycle.  Currently spotting on tissue when I wipe but no flow. 

Morning temp: 97.7  MOOD: Aggy 😐


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