Another Appointment

Today, since I completely slacked on it yesterday, I had to call my doctors office to schedule an ultrasound. Last month, or cycle, around the time my Ovia App said that I was in my “fertile window” and would most likely ovulate, I had severe pain on my right side. This was in the early morning hours of may 27th.

I have had pain during ovulation (or what I believe is ovulation) from time to time. This cycle was different though because the pain didn’t subside. At first I was like:

Great I’m ovulating, and had sex! Perfect timing!

But after 5 days of pain I dragged myself to the doctors.  I have an older gentleman for my gyno and he’s very attentive. When I called and told the nurses the issue I was having he asked me to come right in. He did a pelvic exam which I absolutely hate, and could feel what he called a mass and sent me to the main hospital for an ultrasound.

So twice in 1 day I get to have all kinds of instruments in my vag, and all kinds of fingers pressing on my sore stomach. Ultimately, I was told that there appeared to be a 2 inch cyst in my right ovary. Yay me.  

The next day I was sent to the hospital again for yet another ultrasound and to meet with the gynecologist that would perform surgery if the cyst didn’t go away on its own. She told me after her exam that she believes it was a hemorrhagic cyst and that they will check my next cycle to see if it’s getting smaller. This cycle. 

All that hard work, and I’m not even sure if I successfully ovulated that cycle. Or any cycle for that matter.  

When I speak to the doctors about my concerns with fertility I swear they must think I’m joking. Like I’m literally about to be 33, I would like to have a child and seeing as though I can’t afford to adopt natural is the only way to go. 

A little help would be nice. 


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